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Transportation Services*

Rate Schedule FTS
Rate Schedule FTS is Gulfstream's firm transportation service. From a scheduling perspective, this is the highest priority service and is available in ratable and accelerated rates. Gulfstream has approved recourse tariff rates and also offers negotiated rates designed to meet specific customers' requirements. FTS shippers will have access to 2.3 Bcf/day of receipt capacity at six interconnections in the Mobile Bay area. Firm services are available with varying hourly deliveries which can be elected to provide the maximum flexibility to the FT shipper. The MHQ (Maximum Hourly Quantity) may be selected from 4.2%, which provides a uniform hourly delivery over a 24-hour period, or up to 8%, which represents deliveries over a 12-hour period.
The MHQ is selected as part of the FTS contract.


Rate Schedule ITS
Rate Schedule ITS is an interruptible transportation service providing deliveries to ITS customers.
ITS shippers have access to the same supply points in the Mobile Bay area. However, ITS customers are subject to interruption to meet firm obligation or other higher priority services.


Rate Schedule PALS (Parking and Lending Service)
Rate Schedule PALS is an interruptible parking and lending service. This service allows a shipper to park or borrow gas for a day or part thereof. The Parking Service allows gas volumes received by the pipeline to be parked and then returned to the shipper at that same point. The Lending Service loans gas to a shipper at an agreed upon point and the shipper then returns the gas to the same point or a mutually agreed upon point. The gas can be loaned or parked for varying periods subject to availability.


OBA (Operational Balancing Agreements)
Gulfstream offers OBAs to resolve any differences between scheduled and actual receipts and deliveries.


*The services provided by Gulfstream are subject to all of the terms and conditions of Gulfstream's FERC Gas Tariff as effective, from time to time.


Date Posted: Monday, October 4, 2010