Commercial Contacts


Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC
2800 Post Oak Boulevard - Suite 900 (77056)
P.O. Box 1396
Houston, TX  77251-1396

Title Phone Number E-Mail Address
Steven Tramonte VP Commercial - Eastern Interstates 713/215-2205-office
Ross Conatser Market Intelligence Consultant 713/215-2958-office

The Commercial Operations Department is made up of several groups: EI Commercial Development, EI Transportation Services, EI Business Development, EI Optimization, EI Commercial Technology, Rates & Regulatory and Pipeline Control.

EI Commercial is divided into three market areas that are each responsible for working with Transco's customers - LDCs, power generators, operators, producers and marketers - to meet their gas transportation and storage requirements, in accordance with Transco's FERC Gas Tariff and policies and procedures. This includes providing ongoing support related to existing firm and interruptible services, capacity release, on-line contracting, nominating and scheduling of transportation and storage transactions, allocation of all gas volumes, imbalance resolution, billing, invoicing, negotiating liquid condensate, OBA, PIBA and Mutual Assist agreements. Each geographical region is also responsible for developing new services, negotiate interconnects (shippers), work with gas producers developing reserves both onshore and offshore, third party gatherers and pipelines to connect new gas supplies to the Transco system, identifying and developing pipeline and storage expansion projects and laterals on or near Transco to meet growing capacity needs of existing and new customers, and monitoring industry developments.

North – includes all commercial activities from Maryland to the end of the Transco line. Group email address:
Title Phone Number E-Mail Address ICE
Jamie Johnson Director, Commercial Development North 713/215-2404-office
Leslie Milner Administrative Assistant Sr 713/215-3574-office
John Cassapo Manager, Commercial Development North 713/215-2748-office
Toi Anderson Commercial Development Lead 713/215-4540-office
713/304-6238-cell toanderson
Andrea Beltran Commercial Development Rep Sr 713/215-4474-office
832/437-0729-cell abeltran
Karen De Leon Commercial Development Rep III 713/215-3572-office
832/581-8355-cell kgallardo
Michelle Mickelson Commercial Development Rep III 713/215-2746-office
713/309-5520-cell micmickelson
South – includes all commercial activities from Texas to Virginia. Group email address:
Title Phone Number E-Mail Address ICE
Jamie Johnson Director, Commercial Development 713/215-2404-office
Wanda Rodriguez Administrative Assistant Sr 713/215-3685-office
Keith Higginbotham Manager, Commercial Development South 713/215-2552-office
Christine Martinovich Commercial Development Rep III 713/215-3136-office
713/504-9887-cell cmartinovich
Mark Mohan Commercial Development Rep Sr 713/215-xxx-office
Danielle Petty Commercial Development Rep III 713/215-xxx-office
Taylor Russell Commercial Development Rep III

281/455-9561-cell tarussell
Transportation Services – includes all support for scheduling and daily activity for all market areas
Title Phone Number E-Mail Address ICE
Julian Arias Manager, Transportation Services & Optimization 713/215-3683-office
julian, jarias
Robert Ashby Transportation Svcs Rep II 713/215-2656-office
281/216-8592-cell  roashby
Michael Cahill (Weekend) Transportation Svcs Lead 713/215-3393-Office
407/865-4085-cell mcahill2
Lizeth Delagarza Transportation Svcs Rep II 713/215-4189-office
281/793-2464-cell lizdelagarz
Milton Emerson Transportation Svcs Rep II 713/215-2550  miemerson
Art Fresquez (Evening) Transportation Svcs Rep Sr 713/215-2451-office
832/776-0466-cell  artfresquez
Nicole Kirchhoff Transportation Svcs Rep II 713/215-3582-office
346/310-9045-cell  nkirchhoff
Jenni LaBeth Transportation Svcs Rep II 713/215-2374-office
713/907-9947-cell  nkirchhoff
Michelle Nguyen Transportation Svcs Lead 713/215-4346-office
713/962-1348-cell  mnguyen25
Anish Patel Transportation Svcs Rep II 713/215-4359-office
281/536-8460-cell  apatel2
Austin Sarabia Transportation Svcs Rep II 713/215-3573-office
281/844-7269-cell  asarabia
Liz Silvas Transportation Svcs Lead 713/215-4610-office
713/962-9358-cell  esilvas
Stacey Woolcock Transportation Svcs Lead 713/215-3443-office
713/876-8410-cell swoolcock
Responsible for rapid response to customer's questions on pipeline conditions, constraints, OAC and confirmation issues with interconnecting parties or assistance with 1Line.
Phone Number E-Mail Address
TranscoTS-SchedulingDesk 888/210-8475
Optimization – includes all short term firm offerings, Park and Loan management, maintenance management and optimization of the entire Transco pipeline
Title Phone Number E-Mail Address ICE
Julian Arias Manager,  Transportation Services & Optimization 713/215-3683-office
713/515-5295-cell jarias
Chris Barnett Commercial Svcs Lead 713/215-2566-office
713/826-3954-cell chbarnett
Bill Eiser Commercial Optimization Lead 713/215-3221-office
Suzanne Heiser Commercial Svcs Lead 713/215-4626-office
832/588-6462-cell sheiser
Kristy Molina Commercial Svcs Lead 713/215-3625-office
713/249-7295-cell kmolina6
Henry Tran Commercial Optimization 713/215-4325-office
713/876-9109-cell  hetran
Peter Tsamis Commercial Optimization 281-467-2274  
Business Development - includes the entire Transco pipeline
Title Phone Number E-Mail Address ICE
Josh Browning Director, Business Development 713/215-4170-office
Collin Chambers Business Development Rep III 713/215-2356-office
Nathan Davidson Business Development Lead 713/215-3746-office
Clay Glockzin Business Development Rep II 713/215-3176-Office
281/352-8836-cell cglockzin
Alfonso Gonzalez Business Development Lead 713/215-3780-office
Mitchell Meyers Business Development Rep III 713/215-2912-office
832/589-6303-cell mmeyers
Natalie Queen Business Development Lead 713/215-4108-office
Responsible for the design, development, regulatory compliance, testing and implementation of modifications of the 1Line, Northwest Passage, Mountain West Quorum and Nortex Latitude proprietary systems, Public EBB and EDI.  This includes providing ongoing support related to technical questions.  Responsible for improving the transactional processes to enhance customer satisfaction and comply with applicable FERC Gas Tariffs and policies and procedures.
Title Phone Number E-Mail Address
Martha Janousek Director, TGOM Commercial Technology & Analytics 713/215-4569-office
Sharon Larsen Manager, Commercial Technology & Analytics 713/215-4343-office
Paul Prodoehl Manager, Commercial Technology & Systems 713/215-4461-office
David Reeder MW Manager Commercial Services 801/493-5462-cell
Diane Ezernack Commercial Optimization Lead 713/215-4180-office
Irma Glover Commercial Optimization Lead 713/215-3531-office
Karina Mayorga Commercial Optimization Lead 713/215-2458-office
Enid Trevino Business System Specialist 281/386-2620-cell
Abdul Hassan Commercial Tech Rep II 281/546-6931-Office
Jeramie Kilpack NWP Commercial Tech Lead 713/215-6681-office
Michael Ledford NWP Commercial Tech Lead 713/215-4929-office
Esther Ramos Commercial Tech Rep Sr 713/215-4045-office
Russell Rush Commercial Tech Rep Sr 713/215-2420-office
Doug Vorwerk Commercial Tech Rep Sr 713/215-4373-office
Peter Paul Wong Commercial Tech Rep Sr 713/578-0418-cell
Celyna Ebohon Commercial Tech Rep 281/728-9400-cell
Lauren Edwards Business Systems Analyst IV
Title Phone Number E-Mail Address
Bela Patel Director, Rates & Regulatory 713/215-2659-office
Ingrid Germany Regulatory Analyst Lead 713/215-4015-office
Responsible for Cost Allocation and Rate Design analysis and studies, various rate and tariff filings with the FERC including the cost allocation and rate design information related to Transco's Electric Power, TBO and Fuel Trackers. Also responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Rate Department data base. Responsible for preparing and submitting Transco and Pine Needle's tariff and certificate filings with the FERC.
Title Phone Number E-Mail Address
Ronald P. Goetze Manager, Regulatory 713/215-4631-office
Laurie Johnson Regulatory Analyst Sr 713/215-4473-office
Kerri Miller Regulatory Analyst Lead 713/215-2965-office
Andre Pereira Regulatory Analyst Lead 713/215-4362-office
David Schoellkopf Regulatory Analyst Lead 713/215-4625-office
Dominic Bevilaqua Regulatory Analyst 918-934-8365

Pete Saulino Regulatory Analyst 346-439-8014

Ian Kofoed Regulatory Analyst III 346-439-0415
Responsible for monitoring and controlling daily pipeline operations while managing the physical flow of gas on Transco's system. Provides 24-hour pipeline surveillance and functions as control and information center during emergency situations.
Title Phone Number E-Mail Address
Ross Sinclair Manager, Pipeline Control 713/215-2688-office
Rich Truxell Transmission Consultant 713/215-4041-office
Brian Cargill Supervisor 713/215-4258-office
Malcolm Rhodes Training Lead 713/215-3488-office
Seth Johnson M1 Lead (TX-LA) 832/844-8567
Marlin Nossaman M2 Lead (MS-VA) 713/215-2550-office
Matthew Walsh Maintenance Coordinator 713/215-4135
Joshua Arana Pipeline Controller 713/215
Robert Cosse Pipeline Controller Sr 713/215-4053-office
Matt Davis Pipeline Controller Associate 713/215-2550-office
Jiuba Eke Pipeline Controller Associate 713/215-2550-office
Bryan Elliott Pipeline Controller 713/215-2550-office
WingChow Gee Pipeline Controller Sr 713/215-2550-office
Justin Hill Pipeline Controller Sr 713/215-2550-office
Bill Hooper Pipeline Controller Sr 405/590-4667-cell
Ben Johnson Pipeline Controller 713/215
William Keys Pipeline Controller Sr 713/215-4053-office
Terrance Lockwood Pipeline Controller Associate 713/215-2550-office
Tyler McCartney Pipeline Controller Associate 713/215-2550-office
Jared McDaniel Pipeline Controller Sr 713/215-2550-office
Joe Murray Pipeline Controller Associate 713/215-2550-office
Jon Spratt Pipeline Controller Sr 713/215-4053-office
Jerrod Stubblefield Pipeline Controller 713/215
Shane Whittington Pipeline Controller Sr 713/215-2550 christopher.whittington@williams.c
Responsible for analysis and review of Transco's Electronic Flow Measurement System output and monitoring of system heating value.
E-Mail Address
For Measurement Related Questions please email
The Compliance Officer will ensure compliance with the FERC Standards of Conduct.
Title Phone Number E-Mail Address
Nick Baumann FERC Compliance Officer 713/215-3383-office
Responsible for resolving all customer credit issues.
Title Phone Number E-Mail Address
HOTLINE Number 918/573-5015
Brett Krieg Manager 918-573-4614
Sarah Hill Credit Analyst II 918-260-1508


Date Posted: Thursday, August 11, 2022